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Is Probate Required if There is a Will?
When is Probate Necessary in New York?
Best Estate Planning Lawyers in Brooklyn: Why it is important?
Do I need an Estate Plan?
Estate Planning for a Married Couple: How to do it?
Estate Planning for Business: Why it is Important?
What is Estate Planning?
What does an Estate Plan include?
Is Estate Planning only for the Wealthy?
Estate Planning for Singles: Widowed, Divorced, and Never Married!
Estate Planning for Pets: Why it is important?
Estate Planning for Children: How to do it right?
Estate Planning Checklist: Important Guidelines & Details!
Estate Planning for Business: Why it is Important?
What Is Estate Planning?
What Does an Estate Plan Include?
Is Estate Planning Only For the Wealthy?
Estate Planning for Pets: Why You Need To Do It?
Estate Planning for Children
Estate Planning for Singles
Estate Planning Tips for A Married Couple
Do I Need an Estate Plan?
Estate Planning for Business
Estate Planning Lawyer
/Common estate planning scams you must ignore
Benefits of Estate Planning for Low Income Individuals
Why Estate Planning for Minors is Important?
Estate Planning for New Parents & Couples!
How to do Estate Planning for Non-US citizens?
How to do Estate Planning for Separated Spouse?
Estate Planning for Young Families & Couples!
Estate Planning Goals For Blended Families
What is Estate Planning in a Digital Age?
Estate Planning Strategy In The Digital World
Importance of Estate Planning In the Down Economy!
Estate Planning Is The Best Tool to Save Inheritance Tax
Estate Planning Process & Step by Step Guide!
Why Estate Planning for Elderly Parents is Important?
How to do Estate Planning for Digital Assets?
Estate Planning for Childless Couples & How to do it?
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Estate Planning Errors to Stay Away From
Estate Planning Documents: All Must Have Important Docs in Details!
Estate Planning At Different Ages
Estate Planning and the Military; Understand the Importance!
Estate Planning: What happens when your spouse dies?
Estate Planning: Living Trusts vs. Will Difference & Importance!
Estate Planning Errors Through Digital Means
Do You Need A Probate Attorney After Estate Planning
Do Retirement Accounts Go Through Probate?
Estate Planning: Difference between a Will and a Trust!
Challenging Estate Plans – Fraud
Estate Planning: Difference between a Living Will & Power of Attorney

Do you have a young child aged six or seven? Are their teeth perfectly arranged or is it possible they could benefit from orthodontic treatment? A child can have an early orthodontic evaluation as soon as age six or seven and this can be enormously beneficial. By this stage one of our excellent pediatric dentists in Brooklyn can detect any early problems that may be developing. By carefully assessing their teeth, jaws and facial structure, we can determine if it is possible they will benefit from seeing an orthodontist for a full evaluation. Sometimes treatment may not be necessary at this age, but an early examination in can help determine the optimal time for periodontic treatment to begin.

What are the Potential Benefits of Early Orthodontic Evaluation?

An early evaluation can provide greater opportunity for early intervention. At this stage treatment can take advantage of your child’s growth and development, guiding their jaws and facial structure into a pleasing and optimal arrangement so they can have a beautiful smile and will enjoy all the benefits it can bring, both socially and professionally, as well as the benefits to their dental health. By the age of seven, we can see how your child’s bite or occlusion is developing and can evaluate the relationship between their upper and lower teeth.

What Type of Orthodontic Problems are Corrected by Early Treatment?

There are a number of problems that may potentially benefit from early orthodontic evaluation. It can be used to create additional room for teeth that have yet to erupt and can create good facial symmetry by influencing their jaw growth. Correcting front teeth that stick out too far can reduce the risk of accidental injury to these teeth. Early treatment can also help reduce the risk of tooth removal in preparation for orthodontics during their teens. It may help to reduce or eliminate the need for treatment later on, or could reduce the overall time required to wear braces.

Does It Matter if a Child Has Crooked Teeth?

Rightly or wrongly, we live in a society where an attractive smile is highly valued and ensuring your child has the nicest smile possible can benefit them as they grow up and right throughout life. As well as providing them with a more attractive profile, there is another extremely important reason for considering orthodontic evaluation for your kid. Straighter teeth can be healthier teeth and this is probably an even more important reason for straightening up their smile.

If your child has evenly spaced teeth that are not overcrowded, they will find it easier to keep them clean and much easier to floss properly. Good oral hygiene is vital for ensuring long-term dental health and will reduce their risk of tooth decay and gum disease. At the same time, good oral health will help protect their general health as an increasing number of clinical studies have shown links between poor dental health and poor general health. As they grow up they can enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful, attractive and healthy smile and they may even have lower medical bills as a result of good dental care.


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